Tangent is a small group for young people in years 10-13 who meet every Monday from 7.30pm-9pm at 149 Tadcaster Road.

It is an opportunity to meet weekly to study, discuss, debate and explore different books, themes, issues or the big questions of life at a more mature level, whilst developing a personal faith with Jesus and building fellowshop with one another. We use a variety of games, challenges, activities, drama, music and discussion to delve deeper into the bible and what it means for us today. The name suggests what will inevitably happen - we may digress, but we will have fun doing so!

On the first Monday of every month we have a social evening (from 7.30pm-9.30pm) where we eat together, play games, watch a film or simply spend the evening talking as discipleship is an important part of any personal journey with God.

Please email me on stedsfamiliesminister@gmail.com for more information about any of the youth groups or events at St Edwards.